Pine Forest Children’s Center is rated as a 4 Star center through the State of Vermont.  STARS (STep Ahead Recognition System) is Vermont’s quality recognition system for child care, preschool, and afterschool programs. Programs that participate in STARS are stepping ahead — going above and beyond state regulations to provide professional services that meet the needs of children and families. Four-star programs are established programs that have met several standards of quality in all five areas. Many four-star programs are also nationally accredited. 



Act 166 now mandates funding for 10 hours of universal pre-K for all 3 to 5-year-olds in Vermont in a prequalified program for 35 weeks in a school year. Regardless of parental income or circumstance, all children who are age 3-5 on or before 9/1/16 are eligible to receive high quality early learning experiences. For 2016/17 the Act 166 funding is equal to $3092 per child.

Why does VT need Act 166?

Recognizes Early Years as critically important!

Encourages high quality Early Care and Education

Makes Early-Care affordable for VT families

*All Vermont School Districts are mandated to offer Act 166 funds in 2016/17


Pine Forest Children’s Center has been EHCC certified since 2011.

Eco-Healthy Child Care® (EHCC) is a national program that partners with child care professionals to eliminate or reduce environmental health hazards found within or around child care facilities. Forty-two percent of young children spend at least 35 hours a week in some form of child care. Therefore, creating an environmentally healthy early learning environment is key to the health of our nation’s children. Emerging science is linking chemicals commonly found in child care settings to asthma, lower IQ, and developmental disabilities. Environmental exposures can cause, worsen, or contribute to these conditions. Children are at risk, because their systems are still developing; and, their behaviors, such as hand to mouth and crawling on the floor, increase their exposure.

Through the EHCC endorsement, child care facilities (center and family child care) qualify as “Eco-Healthy” by complying with 24 of 30 simple, free or low-cost environmental health best practices. These changes immediately benefit the well-being of young children



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