Teachers at PFCC are committed to providing a holistic learning experience for each child. Curriculum is based on each child’s individual interests, learning style and developmental stage.  Teachers create a stimulating environment which supports children's emerging skills, seek out the interests of the group and then facilitate a variety of ways to explore these interests.  As children immerse themselves in play-based activities, teachers provide support and create challenges to further the learning experience.  We incorporate natural world exploration as well as story, dance and song which are part of our all-center events. All curriculum is aligned with the Vermont Early Learning Standards.

Your child’s growth is documented in a portfolio that contains weekly anecdotes that track developmental skills. Twice a year our teachers create developmental narratives which illustrate your child’s growth in the areas of gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional, cognitive-analytical and language development.  We distribute these narratives and provide scheduled time for a conversations with your child’s teacher.  You are also welcome to schedule a conversation at any time.


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