Each week our music teacher Raphael Groten comes to Pine Forest to provide each classroom with personalized music classes. Research has shown that exposure to music through singing and instruments has a huge impact on children’s development. As a community, we value Raph’s expertise and craft and are thrilled that our children get this enriching opportunity each week. His song selection varies from classics to seasonal to stories to made up songs. He has engaged children in writing their own songs and hosting concerts.


We partner with Sangha Yoga Studios of Burlington to provide yoga once a week to the younger toddler, older toddler and both preschool classrooms. Each classroom has yoga for a half an hour session where our yoga teacher Kate leads them in breathing exercises, poses, and movement songs and games.

Sangha Studios

Kate Hudspeth


Each year the Preschool classrooms attend shows at the Flynn Theater in downtown Burlington. These outings coincide with classroom curriculum to provide enriching experiences. This year the children will see Beatrix Potter’s “Peter Rabbit Tales”, Pete the Cat and Frog and Toad.


Our program believes in infusing our classrooms with a nature thread that spreads from the infant to the Preschool classrooms. The concept is that while the infants are sensorial exploring apples the Preschoolers are dissecting the apples to see their parts and taste testing.

We have an ongoing teaching goal to continue to educate ourselves as teachers through professional development in order to help scaffold the children to become stewards of the earth. Shelburne Farms has been integral in providing us with professional development, professional learning communities, curriculum materials, access to an early farm educator and support in accessing the natural world in an urban environment.


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