PFCC provides high quality child care for children from six weeks through six years of age, in an enriched program that is supportive of the growing child, and acts in partnership with the family.



PFCC is a rich, multi-faceted community that fosters courage, integrity, responsibility and the joy of discovery in children and adults. We are innovative yet value and uphold tradition. PFCC is diverse and inclusive, ensuring that all feel safe, valued and honored.  We view families as the experts on their own child, and ourselves as the experts on early education.

Our curriculum reflects the best research in early childhood development. It is emergent and play-based, allowing children to guide their own learning. We provide developmentally appropriate activities, often nature based, that are both teacher-guided and open ended.


PFCC was created as a program of the Baird Center for Children and Families in 1988 and was originally located on Pine Street. In December of 1997, we moved to our current site at 208 Flynn Ave. Baird and Howard Center for Human Services eventually merged, creating HowardCenter and PFCC continued as a program of the Child, Youth and Family Services Area of HowardCenter until August of 2010.  After an amazing grassroots campaign involving our families, staff, and community stakeholders, PFCC successfully launched itself as an independent, non-profit program. We have been successfully operating as a stand-alone 501(c)(3) non-profit organization since then, and are looking forward to many more years to come!


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